CL comes in at #2 on TIME 100 Reader's Poll! CL comes in at #2 on TIME 100 Reader's Poll!
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Film Date :   March 15,2015
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CL comes in at #2 on TIME 100 Reader's Poll!


2NE1\'s CL has proven her international popularity once again, and this is even before her official U.S. debut!

In this year\'s TIME 100 Reader\'s Poll, the talented rapper reached number 2! The diva had been racing ahead in the poll, ranking at #1 earlier. However, she was edged out by Russian PresidentVladmir Putin, and has settled for second plae. Third place went toLady Gaga, 4th toRihanna, and 5th toTaylor Swift. This makes CL the pop star with the highest percentage of votes!


CL was actually snug in the number one spot for a while, until Putin\'s votes surged in closer to the end of the poll, which concluded on April 10. In addition to the reader\'s poll, the editors of the magazine will also be revealing their picks forTIME\'s 100 Most Influential People in the Worldranking on April 16.

Congratulations to CL!

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CL comes in at #2 on TIME 100 Reader's Poll!  Images

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