The X-Files: I Want To Believe The X-Files: I Want To Believe
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Film Date :   July 24, 2008
Genre :   Drama Thriller Mystery Science Fiction   
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The X-Files: I Want To Believe

The X-Files: I Want to Believeis a 2008 science fiction - thriller directed by Chris Carter and written by both Carter and Frank Spotnitz . It is the second feature film based onThe X-Filesfranchise created by Carter, following the 1998 film . Three main actors from the television series, David Duchovny , Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi , reappear in the film to reprise their respective roles as Fox Mulder , Dana Scully and Walter Skinner .

Unlike the first film, the plot does not focus on the series' ongoing extraterrestrial basedmytharcthemes, but instead works as a standalone thriller horror story, similar to many of theMonster-of-the-Weekepisodes that were frequently seen in the TV series. The story follows Mulder and Scully who have been out of the FBI for several years; with Mulder living in isolation as a fugitive from the organization and Scully having become a doctor at a Catholic-run hospital, where she has formed a friendly relationship with a seriously ill patient. But when an FBI agent is mysteriously kidnapped, and a former priest who has been convicted of being a child molestor claims to be experiencing psychic visions of the endangered agent, Mulder and Scully reluctantly accept the FBI's request for their particular paranormal expertise on the case.

The film was first anticipated in November 2001 to follow the conclusion of the ninth season of the television series, but it remained in development hell for six years before entering production in December 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada . The film was released in Australia and Germany on July 24, 2008; in North America on July 25, 2008; in Israel and Kuwait on July 31, 2008; in the United Kingdom on August 1, 2008; in Hong Kong on August 4, 2008; and in Japan on November 7, 2008. The world premiere took place on July 23, 2008, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The U.K. premiere was held on July 30, 2008, in London's Empire, Leicester Square . Since its release, the film has gathered mixed to negative reviews by critics and viewers alike.

Dana Scully ( Gillian Anderson ), a former FBI agent, is now a staff physician at a Catholic hospital; she is treating Christian, a young boy with Sandhoff disease . FBI agent Mosely Drummy ( Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner ) approaches Scully for help in locating her former partner, Fox Mulder ( David Duchovny ), who has been in hiding as a fugitive since the events of the series finale . Drummy states that the FBI will call off its manhunt for Mulder if he helps investigate the disappearances of several women in Virginia , the latest of whom is a young FBI agent named Monica Bannan (Xantha Radley). Scully agrees and convinces a reluctant Mulder to help.

The duo is taken to Washington, D.C. , where Agent Dakota Whitney ( Amanda Peet ) wants Mulder's expertise with the paranormal as they have been led to a clue - a severed human arm - by Father Joeseph Fitzgerald Crissman ( Billy Connolly ). He is a former priest defrocked for the child molestation of thirty-seven altar boys, and claims God is sending him visions of the crimes. Whitney and Drummy take Father Joe and Mulder to the kidnapped Bannan's home, where the former priest overcomes the others' skepticism when, in anguish and on his knees in inexplicable pain, he begins to bleed from his eyes. A second woman, driving home after swimming in a natatorium , is run off the road by a truck driven by Janke Dacyshyn ( Callum Keith Rennie ), who then abducts her. Father Joe is again recruited for help with the second abducted woman. After a grueling nighttime search in a snow covered field, he leads the FBI to what turns out to be a frozen burial ground of people and body parts. Analysis of the remains, and a car crash of a recent missing person, eventually leads them to Dacyshyn, an organ transporter in Richmond, Virginia , and his husband , Franz Tomczeszyn ( Fagin Woodcock ) who was among the youths Father Joe sexually abused.

Later, Scully goes to Father Joe's apartment to confront him about his religious visions, particularly the cryptic message he directed to her: "Don't give up." To her despair, he says he knows nothing more about those visions than what he had told the FBI, and then collapses suffering a seizure, as we are shown at the same moment Tomczeszyn - who now possesses an extremely feminine arm - begins to suffer a seizure too. Scully calls for an ambulance, and later learns that Father Joe, who is admitted to Our Lady of Sorrows, suffers from advanced lung cancer .

During an FBI raid on the organ donor facility where Dacyshyn works, he ends up escaping, leaving Bannan's severed head at the scene. Mulder, who accompanied Whitney on the raid, chases Dacyshyn to a building construction site. Whitney follows, and is killed when Dacyshyn pushes her down an elevator shaft.

Scully, seeking a resolution, asks Joe, who has not yet heard of the discovery of Bannan's head, if he senses that she is still alive. He replies that she is. Discouraged but still determined, Mulder decides to investigate the incidents further. He starts by driving Scully's car to Nutter's Feed Store in a small town near the abductions, as the human remains contain acepromazine , an animal tranquilizer. When Dacyshyn coincidentally arrives moments later, Mulder slips out and follows him. Dacyshyn notices him, however, and runs the car off the road. Mulder survives and manages to tail Dacyshyn, who must exit his truck after the engine fails, to a small compound in a former barn. Mulder enters, and the commotion caused by a two-headed guard dog's attack brings Dacyshyn out from one of the buildings. The compound is for a makeshift east-European medical team that has been murdering people and stealing their organs for years. The field where Father Joe had earlier discovered the bodies turned out to be their dumping ground. Mulder enters the building to find that the team has been using the organs and body parts in an attempt to keep Tomczeszyn alive; at the moment they are attempting to place Tomczeszyn's head on the body of the second abducted woman, and the stitching makes it clear this is not the first time they have tried this. Mulder tries to save her from the gruesome fate, but a doctor comes from behind and injects him with tranquilizer. Helpless, Mulder is taken outside to be murdered by Dacyshyn.

When Scully cannot reach Mulder on his cell phone, she calls Agent Drummy, who refuses to help her. Undaunted, she next contacts her old FBI superior, Director Walter Skinner ( Mitch Pileggi ), for help. They triangulate the phone's location and find Scully's wrecked car, eventually making their way through the snow to find a rural mailbox whose address, 25-2, corresponds to a Biblical chapter and verse, Proverbs 25:2, from which Father Joe had quoted to Scully before having the seizure. They race to the address where Mulder is about to be axed by Dacyshyn. Scully attacks him in an ensuing confrontation, incapacitating him, while Skinner breaks up the medical procedure before the young woman is beheaded. Later, Mulder is at home when Scully tells him Father Joe has died. It happened at the same moment, Mulder notes, that Scully disconnected the life support to Tomczeszyn's severed head. Somehow, he surmises, the two men's fates were linked by more than just visions. Scully remains troubled by Father Joe's advice, "Don't give up", and expresses doubts about Christian's surgery, due to the words of a molesting priest. Mulder comforts her, suggesting that they can leave - and get as far away from the darkness as possible. When the moment of surgery comes, however, Scully pauses a moment, turns and sees three nuns, and then forges ahead with the risky procedure. In a post-credits scene, Mulder and Scully are seen rowing towards a tropical island, wearing swimsuits, and waving to a helicopter hovering overhead.

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