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Film Date :   January 27, 2012
Genre :   Drama Action   
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The Grey

The Greyis a 2012 American action thriller film directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson . It follows a number of men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits as a pack of wolves comes after them. The film is based on the short story "Ghost Walker" by Ian Mackenzie Jeffers.

John Ottway ( Liam Neeson ) works in Alaska hunting the wolves that threaten an oil drilling team. On his last day on the job, Ottway pens a letter to his wife Ana (Anna Openshaw) and plans to commit suicide. While holding his gun to his mouth, however, Ottway hears the howl of a wolf, which stops him.

Upon the completion of the job, the team and Ottway embark on a plane home in a blizzard. The plane cannot withstand the weather and it crashes in the middle of nowhere. Ottway awakens and finds Todd Flannery ( Joe Anderson ) along with Talget ( Dermot Mulroney ), Diaz ( Frank Grillo ), Hendrick ( Dallas Roberts ), Burke ( Nonso Anozie ), Hernandez (Ben Bray) and a dying Lewenden ( James Badge Dale ). Lewenden is badly injured and Ottway knows he is going to die. He calms Lewenden, who eventually accepts his situation and dies peacefully.

Ottway assumes leadership of the group and sets the survivors to task collecting material for a fire. While Ottway is searching for wood, he sees a woman in need of help, but soon finds her being eaten by a gray wolf who also attacks Ottway. He is quickly rescued by the others and explains that they are most likely standing in the wolves' territory and are unwelcome. After getting a fire started, the survivors take turns keeping watch. Hernandez takes watch, but is killed by a wolf while urinating. The remaining survivors find his body in the morning and Ottway suggests they leave the crash site because they are wide open to attack. Diaz questions Ottway's leadership following an incident in which Diaz attempts to loot one of the bodies from the plane crash, and begins defying his orders. Before they leave, Ottway and the others remove the wallets from many of the bodies with the intent of eventually returning them to surviving family members.

While hiking across the snow, Flannery falls behind and is killed by three wolves. The rest continue on and make camp in the woods, where tension between Ottway and Diaz comes to a head as the survivors create makeshift weaponry. Diaz threatens Ottway with his knife and elbows Talget in the face, but is ultimately disarmed and overtaken by Ottway. The wolves are close by and the survivors meet the alpha male wolf who sends an omega male to test Diaz. However, the survivors are able to kill the wolf and eat it for dinner. Diaz severs its head and throws it back to the wolves as a symbol of defiance. The group bonds over personal stories while Burke begins to suffer and hallucinate from the high elevation. A blizzard approaches the camp and Burke eventually falls unconscious and freezes to death.

Further in their travels, the dwindling survivors come across a high canyon wall within which, screened by trees, they hear running water, indicating a river and therefore a possible route of escape. Ottway suggests that they cross by having one person jump to the trees on the opposite side to secure a line as a means of traverse. Hendrick leaps to the trees and secures the finish end of the traverse. Diaz and Ottway make it across the line to join Hendrick, but Talget, who is afraid of heights, loses his glasses on the way and freezes out of fear. He reluctantly continues across, but soon finds himself caught in the make-shift rope by a small accessorizing ring attached to his boot. As Talget struggles to untangle himself, the strained line breaks and Talget crashes through the trees to the ground, badly wounded. He begins to hallucinate his daughter saying she loves him and is then taken and killed by the wolves. In an effort to save Talget, Diaz falls from the tree and severely injures his knee.

The three remaining continue their trek and make it to the river, but an exhausted Diaz can make it no further, preferring to stay and die than go on when he has nothing waiting for him at home. Hendrick tries to convince Diaz to carry on, but Ottway tells him it is futile. They give each other final goodbyes and Diaz is left on the riverside as crackling of branches caused by wolves are heard in the distance.

Ottway and Hendrick continue, but are soon chased by the pack again. Fleeing, they both fall in the river and Hendrick gets his foot stuck underwater and drowns despite Ottway's attempts to save him. Ottway then curses God and asks for his help. When nothing happens, Ottway decides he must do it on his own. Ottway continues on, but seems to despair, dropping to his knees. He pulls out each wallet collected from the dead, examines the personal photographs inside them and places them in a pile against the snow. He adds his own wallet to the pile along with the letter he wrote to his wife. While he is going through the wallets, the pack of wolves surround him, leading Ottway to discover that he has walked right into their den. He is soon spotted by the Alpha male and the other members of the pack back off. Ottway has a vision of his wife, wherein she is lying on a hospital bed. In a final stand, Ottway tapes broken miniature alcohol bottles and a knife to his hands before reciting his father's poem in his head, and charges at the Alpha.

In a post-credits scene , the Alpha lies in the snow slowly breathing with Ottway's head resting motionless on the Alpha.

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