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Film Date :   December 25, 1998
Genre :   Horror Thriller   
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The Faculty

The Facultyis a 1998 science fiction horror film written by Kevin Williamson (Screamand its sequel ) and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado,From Dusk till Dawn). The film stars Josh Hartnett , Elijah Wood , Shawn Hatosy , Jordana Brewster , Clea DuVall , Laura Harris , Robert Patrick , Bebe Neuwirth , Piper Laurie , Famke Janssen , Usher Raymond , Salma Hayek , and Jon Stewart .

At Herrington High School, faculty and staff are being taken over by alien parasites . A ragtag group of students form a resistance cell: Zeke Tyler ( Josh Hartnett ) is a loner repeating his senior year because he did not care about graduating, whose parents travel constantly so as to 'get away from their big bastard mistake' - he sells, among other illegal items, a cocaine-like drug of his own creation to his fellow students; Stan Rosado ( Shawn Hatosy ), is a jock who decides during his Senior year to quit the football team and focus on his academics; Stan's girlfriend Delilah Profit ( Jordana Brewster ) is a popular, vindictive girl and editor in chief of the student paper; Casey Connor ( Elijah Wood ) is an outcast and photographer for the paper with a crush on Delilah; Stokely 'Stokes' Mitchell ( Clea DuVall ) is an outcast and literary buff who despite her claims as a lesbian has feelings for Stan; and Marybeth Louise Hutchinson ( Laura Harris ) is the new girl at school, who came from Atlanta to live with relatives because her parents died in a car crash. She befriends Stokes and has a crush on Zeke.

The aliens who take over the school do so by injecting a parasitic organism into the ear, which takes over the brain and creates what appears to be a different version of the person - one that desires to spread the parasite as much as it can. The faculty sends the entire student body to the nurse one by one for ear inspections, where they are taken over. Casey figures this out and soon warns the other five. During the meeting in Mr. Furlong's ( Jon Stewart ) class, he enters the room and acts suspicious, leading to an altercation which ultimately ends up with attempts to infect Zeke with the alien, but Zeke pulls out a pen filled with his drug, and jams it into Furlong's eye, which then dries out the alien inside of him. It kills the alien organism as the drug is a diuretic and the aliens require excessive amounts of water to cope with life on Earth.

Thus, they all leave the school, which has become completely infected (only the six of them remain uninfected), and go to Zeke's house with a sample of the parasite. Stokes speculates that destroying the queen alien will kill all the parasites, without killing their victims. Soon, the group becomes suspicious of each other, each of them citing such actions as Stan's recent shift from football to academics and Casey's sudden courage as potential evidence that they are not who they say they are. They each take turns snorting the drug to prove that they have not been infected. When Delilah's turn comes, she snorts the drug and parasites crawl under her skin, revealing that she has already been infected. She then destroys most of Zeke's supply of the drug, as well as his equipment for producing it, before escaping. The remaining five, with what is left of the drug, go to the school, where the entire town is watching the school football game. They believe Principal Drake ( Bebe Neuwirth ) to be the queen and succeed in killing her, but the other hosts remain unaffected. The five send Stan to investigate the field, and Stokeley and Stan share their first kiss. Stan subsequently becomes infected when he goes onto the field. Because they ran out of their supply of the drug, Zeke and Casey decide to go to Zeke's car for more. Marybeth and Stokely wait inside the school gym for their return. While Casey serves as a decoy, Zeke goes to his car. There, he encounters Miss Burke ( Famke Janssen ). He seemingly kills her, but her now alien physiology allows her to survive what would otherwise be a fatal injury (decapitation).

Marybeth reveals herself to be the queen alien; she had escaped snorting the drug by biological trickery. She came to take over Earth as her own planet is dying. She chases Stokely and Casey. Stokely is badly injured, then infected and Zeke is knocked out in the locker room. Casey runs back to the gym area and tricks the alien into following him behind the now-closing bleachers. The machinery traps what used to be Marybeth. Casey jams the last of the drugs into Marybeth's eye, before being infected himself, killing her. With Marybeth dead, Casey's and the rest of the parasites die and the students and teachers return to normal. After this, the group shows big changes, including the faculty. Zeke applies his genius to schoolwork and joins the football team (and seems to be dating Miss Burke). Coach Joe Willis ( Robert Patrick ) is still coaching the football team. Stan and Stokely become a couple and share their second kiss while Delilah and Casey share their first kiss.

Casey is more accepted at school (with various papers talking about his extraterrestrial encounter, despite the official denial of the FBI ), and Delilah is no longer vindictive. In the background of the final scene, students are seen bullying another student in the same way they picked on Casey. During the credits, it is seen that Mr. Furlong has survived, although missing an eye and some fingers on his right hand.

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