Lovers’ Concerto Lovers’ Concerto
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Film Date :   August 15, 2002
Genre :   Romance   
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Lovers’ Concerto

Lover's Concerto(연애소설)is a August 15, 2002 Movie directed by Han Lee and produced by Han Sang-Gu South Korea.


One day, Ji-hwan ( Cha Tae-Hyun ) begins to receive letters from an unidentified person. The letters, containing black-and-white photos of happy children playing, remind Ji-hwan of his old two friends.

Five years earlier, while Ji-hwan is taking pictures with his camera, two girls, Soo-in ( Son Ye-Jin ) and Gyung-hee ( Lee Eun-Ji ), walk into the frame. Ji-hwan falls in love with Soo-in at first sight. He then musters up enough courage to confess his love to her, but she refuses him very politely. Even so, Ji-hwan doesn't give up and tells them that he wants to be friends the next time they meet. Ever since then, the three of them start a wonderful friendship. They spend time each other always, and consider it the most precious moments of their lives. But they become confused between love and friendship and, finally, Gyung-hee and Soo-in leave him without a trace.

The random letters inspire Ji-hwan to depart anxiously on a long journey to find his old friends, but while looking for Soo-in and Gyung-hee, he confronts a beautiful yet sad secret.

Ji-hwan is a literature undergraduate who works at a cafe. His hobby is photography. He tests his speed at putting together his camera and manages to beat his previous record. Looking into his viewfinder, he glimpses a beautiful face. As he attempts to take a picture of this girl smelling a rose, another girl, Gyung-hee, accidentally walks into the frame. She apologises for spoiling his shot. Then she and her friend, Soo-in, the one whom he saw earlier, sit at the cafe to eat. Ji-hwan watches them, having fallen in love with Soo-in at first sight.

The pair eventually leave the cafe. On a whim, Ji-hwan chases after their taxi on his bicycle. Gyung-hee feels hungry despite having eaten so recently so they stop at another cafe. Ji-hwan musters up his courage to confess his love to Soo-in. Gyung-hee is amused but Soo-in tells Ji-hwan that he is making her uncomfortable. Disappointed, Ji-hwan leaves the cafe but stops when he sees a clock shop. The girls are still in the cafe when they receive a note from a waiter. They turn and see Ji-hwan in the window, holding a clock in front of his face. They read the note. In it Ji-hwan says that he has turned the clock back by one hour and asks them to forget his love confession. But he hopes that the next time they meet, they will be friends. They yell their names to each other and then Ji-hwan runs off shyly, with the girls amused at his child-like antics.

Ji-hwan watches a soccer match between Japan and South Korea. The two girls appear and ask to join him. During the match, Ji-hwan sneaks looks at Soo-in but is caught out by Gyung-hee. As the match heats up, the trio become increasingly excited and when South Korea wins, they give each other high fives. Their friendship is now sealed.

Soo-in asks Gyung-hee to sleep over at her home. We learn that the two of them have been best friends since young. Gyung-hee is very energetic and outgoing. Soo-in is more reserved and shy. Soo-in is picking out clothes to give to Gyung-hee. When Gyung-hee protests, she says that she is losing weight although she does nothing. Gyung-hee tries to take her mind off this. They then have a conversation about kissing.

The next scenes are a montage of the trio's activities together and show them having a lot of fun. At a movie theater, they watch Il Postino when Ji-hwan realises Soo-in is not enjoying the movie. He realises that the man sitting behind her has placed his foot on the back of her seat. Standing up, he asks the man to remove his foot. At first, he refuses and a fight seems imminent. Gyung-hee and Soo-in stand up to back Ji-hwan up. Upon a second request, he relents and moves to another seat. Ji-hwan sits back down and his shaking lets on just how afraid he was. The two girls are impressed. Onscreen, a male character says, "I'm in love. It hurts but I want it to go on hurting."

Soo-in recommends the movie to her parents. Staring dreamily into space, she recites the aforementioned lines. Similarly, Gyung-hee starts reciting the same lines while on a bus. Both girls are obviously falling for Ji-hwan.

In the present, Ji-hwan visits his senior at the cafe where he used to work. He is passed a box of Ji-hwan's old photos. Ji-hwan says that he has not seen the girls for years and describes how his memories of them faded away to the point that he could not tell whether they were a figment of his imagination. He opens the box and sees a photograph of the three of them.

Flashback to the moment captured in the photograph. They are hanging out at the cafe. The girls are using personality tests in a magazine to find out his personality type. Ji-hwan leaves them to work on some errand. Gyung-hee tells Soo-in to go join him. When she is alone, she asks Ji-hwan for his blood type. Using this information, she looks up his predicted girlfriend type, which agrees with her personality type. Ji-hwan's senior joins her and she quickly hides the magazine. The two look out the window at Ji-hwan working happily with Soo-in and Ji-hwan's senior comments that Ji-hwan is extremely lucky for falling in love at first sight and having that love returned. Gyung-hee is hurt by this.

As Gyung-hee and Soo-in are walking home, they have a quarrel over Ji-hwan, ending with Gyung-hee accusing Soo-in of always acting weak to get attention. Soo-in, extremely hurt, returns home alone and says that she too is confused about the situation. She hears a pebble thrown at her window, looks out and sees Gyung-hee looking repentant. They decide to join Ji-hwan on a road trip despite their parents' objections.

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