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Film Date :   June 18, 2005
Genre :   Drama Horror Thriller Action   
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Land Of The Dead

Land of the Dead(also known asGeorge A. Romero's Land of the Dead) is a 2005 horror film written and directed by George A. Romero ; the fourth of Romero's sixLiving Deadmovies, it is preceded byNight of the Living Dead,Dawn of the DeadandDay of the Dead, and succeeded byDiary of the DeadandSurvival of the Dead. It was released in 2005 and became a success, grossing over $40 million, and had a budget of $15 million, the highest in the series.

The story ofLand of the Deaddeals with a zombie assault on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , where a feudal-like government exists. The survivors in the film have fled to the city. The city is protected on two sides by rivers and on the other by an electric barricade.

Released in North America on June 24, 2005,Land of the Deadreceived mostly positive reviews from film critics.

Three years ago an unknown global phenomena occurs which causes any recently deceased person with an intact brain to reanimate into a zombie to feed on the living, effectively causing the Zombie apocalypse . Today, survivors have set up outposts across the United States, one of these outposts is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , where a feudal -like government has taken hold. Bordered on three sides by rivers and on the fourth by an electric fence, the city has become a sanctuary.Fiddler's Greenis where the rich and powerful live in luxury, while the rest of the population subsists in pathetic squalor. Paul Kaufman ( Dennis Hopper ) rules the city with overwhelming firepower.

Kaufman financed the construction ofDead Reckoning, a heavily armored vehicle that can travel through the zombie-infested areas with ease. Armed with remote-controlled heavy machine guns and video cameras, Dead Reckoning primarily functions as a moving fireworks launch base: zombies are fascinated by fireworks and will stare at them, ignoring anything happening around them. Riley Denbo ( Simon Baker ), designer and commander of Dead Reckoning, has recently retired. Unlike Kaufman, Riley is respected for his work in protecting the city from danger, as well as bringing critical food and medical supplies which the citizens can no longer acquire safely themselves. Riley discovers Chihuahua ( Phil Fondacaro ) entertaining his bar's patrons by trying to feed a woman, Slack ( Asia Argento ), to some zombies. Riley and Charlie ( Robert Joy ) save Slack but kill Chihuahua in the process. The three are arrested; in jail, Slack reveals she was being executed on Kaufman's orders, because she works for Mulligan ( Bruce McFee ). Mulligan, a former co-worker of Riley's, is trying to instigate rebellion among the poor residents of Fiddler's Green.

Meanwhile, Cholo DeMora ( John Leguizamo ), second in command of the Dead Reckoning, is denied an apartment in Fiddler's Green, despite the fact that he has some dirt on Kaufman. Cholo is actually an assassin who executes anyone who opposes Kaufman, and he is now owed a considerable sum of money for his evil work. Enough that he wants to live in Fiddler's Green. Upon being rebuffed, Cholo threatens to destroy Fiddler's Green with the Dead Reckoning, which he hijacks along with Pretty Boy (Joanne Boland), Mouse (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos), Anchor ( Tony Munch ), and Foxy ( Tony Nappo ). Zombies attack as they are leaving, but Cholo orders his crew not to intervene. Kaufman turns to Riley to stop Cholo. Riley is assigned three other officers: Manolete ( Sasha Roiz ), Motown (Krista Bridges), and Pillsbury ( Pedro Miguel Arce ). Manolete is bitten and executed by Slack. Shortly afterwards, it is revealed that Riley has a tracking device to help locate Dead Reckoning. Against his orders, Charlie, Slack, and Pillsbury follow him but leaves Motown after Pillsbury knocks her out. Her loyalty was still to Kaufman, making her a danger to the rest of the group. When Riley finally catches Cholo, Riley is almost killed. The crew is caught in the crossfire, including Slack, who goes to help Riley. Motown arrives but is destroyed by a zombie. With that distraction, Riley manages to shut down Dead Reckoning's weapons systems. Riley then convinces Cholo to allow him to take Dead Reckoning and just drive north. Cholo takes the Woody, an old station wagon with no roof, and goes west. A short time later Cholo is bitten by a zombie. He decides to go back to the city to finish off Kaufman.

Meanwhile, zombies seem to mimic their past lives: "Big Daddy" ( Eugene Clark ) is an undead gas station attendant who comes out to the pumps every time a zombie causes the bell to ring. Unusually aware and intelligent, Big Daddy directs his fellow zombies to use firearms and overcome the human defenses. The zombies learn, adapt, and even communicate with primitive moans and grunts. When Big Daddy realizes the river is no obstacle, since the zombies can simply walk along the riverbed without drowning, he leads the zombies in an assault on the human city. The electric fence that once kept the zombies out now keeps the humans trapped inside. Nor does it help that those who are supposed to be controlling the fence's power flee their posts instead. Big Daddy follows the fleeing Kaufman to an underground garage. Big Daddy sees Kaufman's car next to a gas pump and pumps gas through the car's broken windshield. When Big Daddy walks out of the garage, Cholo, now reanimated, confronts Kaufman and bites him. Outside, Big Daddy rolls a burning metal can towards Kaufman's gasoline-soaked vehicle. It explodes, incinerating both Kaufman and Cholo.

Meanwhile, Riley uses Dead Reckoning to free the inhabitants of the city. At the electric fence, the crew discovers the impoverished and elite alike are now walking dead. The crew then learns that some of the city's inhabitants survived by following Mulligan, who led them to shelter elsewhere. Pretty Boy gets a clear shot at Big Daddy as the zombies, having destroyed Kaufmann's class system, leave the city, leaving a majority of the population alive, but Riley orders her to stop and tells her "they're just looking for a place to go." Riley and his friends leave the city with the Dead Reckoning, striking out for the north. As they leave, they celebrate by firing off all of Dead Reckoning's fireworks, which they no longer need since they no longer have their captivating effect on the dead.

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