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Film Date :   February 20, 2004
Genre :   Comedy   
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EuroTripis a 2004 teen comedy film directed by Jeff Schaffer and written by Alec Berg , David Mandel and Schaffer. The main plot follows Scotty "Scott" Thomas (portrayed by Scott Mechlowicz ) from Hudson, Ohio who travels across Europe to search for his German pen pal Mieke (portrayed by Jessica Böhrs ), whom he initially mistakes for a man named Mike. Realizing he has feelings for Mieke, Scott visits London , Paris , Amsterdam , Bratislava , Berlin , and Rome , encountering awkward and embarrassing situations along the way.

The film begins in Hudson, Ohio , where Scotty "Scott" Thomas ( Scott Mechlowicz ) is dumped by his girlfriend Fiona ( Kristin Kreuk ) following his high school graduation. Later that evening, Scott and his best friend, Cooper Harris ( Jacob Pitts ), attend a graduation party and learn that Fiona has been sleeping with Donny ( Matt Damon ), the lead singer of a college band, and are treated to a performance of the song " Scotty Doesn't Know ", a song that details the affair. Drunk and angry, Scott return home and receives an e-mail reply from his German pen pal Mieke ( Jessica Böhrs ), whom he believes to be a guy thinking her name is pronounced as "Mike". Mieke feels sorry for all that has happened and wants to arrange a meeting in order to make Scott feel better. Thinking of a comment Cooper said earlier about the Internet being full of homosexuals, Scott tells Mieke to stay away from him. However, Scott's younger brother Bert (Nial Iskhakov) explains that "Mieke" in German is not "Mike", but actually similar to "Michelle" in English . Realizing his mistake and that he has feelings for Mieke, Scott attempt desperately to contact her again, only to find out that Mieke has unexpectedly blocked his address. Pushed by Cooper to search for Mieke, Scott resolves to travel to Europe to fix the situation and confront Mieke face-to-face.

Unable to afford a passenger ticket, Scott and Cooper receive their discounted rate by traveling as couriers to London , where they end up befriending the members of a Manchester United football hooligan firm , led by Mad Maynard ( Vinnie Jones ), after accidentally stumbling upon their pub and escaping a fight by claiming themselves as members of a Manchester United fan club from Ohio. After a wild night of drinking, Scott and Cooper woke up on a double-decker bus on their way to Paris for a Manchester United game, where they eventually meet up with their fraternal twin friends Jenny and Jamie ( Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Wester ), who decide that they will accompany them to Berlin to find Mieke. They agree on visiting other parts of Europe, since this will be the last summer the four of them will spend together before going off to different colleges. Following a long train ride with an over-enthusiastic Italian man ( Fred Armisen ) attempting to grope Jamie, the group ends up in the fictional French town of Crans Sur Mer, but leave immediately after realizing that women go to the other nude beach because during the summer, perverted foreigners flock the beach to only either grope or stare at the females private parts. In Amsterdam , Cooper heads to Club Vandersexxx, which is actually a brutal BDSM club and he is subjected to sadistic torture, which is allowed to continue only because he can't pronounce the "safe word" to get it to stop. Meanwhile, Scott and Jenny mistakenly go to a café and eat what they believe to be hash brownies and proceed to "freak out," only to realize that they are normal brownies. While Jamie is at a camera store seeking to have his prized Leica M7 camera cleaned, the female shopkeeper took him to the alley to engage in oral sex . However, Jamie is robbed of everything by a mugger ( Diedrich Bader ).

The group then complains at the situation Jamie gave them, with Cooper complaining about how can he get laid while he gets tortured in a bondage club. With no choice, but to hitchhike to Berlin, they manage to get a truck driver to pull over. However, he does not speak English, and Scott intervenes saying that he speaks some German and crudely asks the driver if he can take them to Berlin. The driver mentions Berlin in his speech numerous times, he is actually saying he is going nowhere near Berlin, as he is wanted there for assaulting a woman and raping a horse. The group ultimately end up in Bratislava , where they are horrified by the desolation of Eastern Europe in the aftermath of the Cold War . They talk to a Slovak man ( Rade Šerbedžija ), who loves 1980s American television series and uses familiar 1980s catchphrases. Deciding to have "some more fun", they arrive at a nightclub and dance to a Euro version of "Scotty Doesn't Know". The club is owned by a man named Kristoff, whom Jenny met at the railway station in Paris earlier. Jenny nearly falls in love for Kristoff, until she discovers that he is married and bisexual . In a fit of depression, Jenny downs half a bottle of absinthe , becoming so intoxicated she makes out with her brother, who are both horrified after snapping back to reality. The next day, the same Slovak man finally drives them to Berlin, where Mieke's father (Walter Sittler) informs Scott and Cooper that his daughter has gone with the tour group for the summer and will only be reachable in Rome for a short time. In order to afford flight tickets to Rome to find Mieke, Jamie sells his precious Leica camera.

In Rome, the four friends head to the Vatican City , where Mieke will tour before she leaves. However, the group are unable to get through inside the Vatican to follow Mieke, but in the end, they get inside after Jamie is able to convince the Swiss Guards that he is a tour guide. Once inside, Jamie is asked to replace one of the tour guides who was too sick to go to work. Meanwhile, Cooper accidentally rings the bell of Saint Marco and sets fire to a Papal mitre . Throwing it onto the fireplace, it lights up in white smoke over the Vatican, making everyone around the world presume that a new pope has been elected. Attempting to escape, Scott gets tangled in a golden curtain, and stumbles out on the balcony where he is presumed to be the new pope. Spotting Mieke, Scott jumps down a banister to meet up with her. Although the Swiss Guards realize what is going on and attempt to stop Scott and Cooper and severely punish them for their actions, the football hooligans from London return and eventually rescue Scott and Cooper. Scott finally introduces himself to Mieke in person and upon confessing his love for her, Mieke has sex with Scott in a confessional. Before Mieke boards her boat, she told Scott to continue to write to her. A man whom Jamie took on a tour of the Vatican turns out to be Arthur Frommer , author of the guidebook Jamie has memorized, and he hires Jamie to tour every museum and cathedral across Europe. Scott, Cooper, and Jenny finally get their passports and prepare to return back to Ohio. On the group's return trip, Jenny entices Cooper to have sex with her in one of the plane's toilets, finally realizing his dream of "crazy European sex". The film ends when Scott moves to Oberlin College in the fall and is surprised to see Mieke, who states that, due to another misunderstanding about her name, she is his roommate, and Scott and Mieke embrace each other.

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