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Film Date :   September 8, 2014
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is a 2014 American drama film written by Patrick Tobin, directed by Daniel Barnz , and starring Jennifer Aniston , Adriana Barraza , Felicity Huffman , William H. Macy , Anna Kendrick , and Sam Worthington . It debuted in the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival ."Claire" is an acerbic but pleasant woman who has become embittered with her life after surviving a car accident, which killed her child and left her in chronic pain. She becomes fascinated with Nina, a woman in her chronic pain support group, who recently committed suicide, by visiting her home and befriending her husband and son. Together, Claire and Nina’s husband deal with their losses.

Aniston's performance has earned nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award .

The movie begins with a group of women in a chronic pain support group who want closure after the suicide of one of their members, Nina. Disgusted with Nina, Claire responds with an insensitive detailing of the suicide that leaves the group repulsed, and she is asked to find another support group.

Claire arrives at home and finds herself almost out of painkillers. After a restless sleep caused by the severe pain, she gets her house-maid to drive her to the doctor, where she is given a small prescription for Percocet and Oxycodone. At home, she tells Silvana to go home early and then has sex with the pool man, Arturo. Silvana goes home to her family where her daughter tells her to quit her job since Claire is a demanding boss and doesn't pay her; Silvana defends Claire.

In her bed, Claire tosses in pain. She hears a knock coming from the backyard. When she goes to observe, it is revealed to be the deceased Nina, lounging on an inflatable raft. They talk and Nina taunts her, asking why she doesn’t kill herself considering she is an atheist and doesn't believe in Heaven or Hell. Nina then holds Claire under the water. Claire wakes up from the nightmare. The next day, Claire is in aquatic therapy and being very difficult towards her therapist, Bonnie. Bonnie suggests Claire finds someone else to work with. Later, when everyone is gone, Claire tries to kill herself, using weights to hold herself underneath the water, but she resurfaces.

Claire greets Annette at the support group office and she threatens to sue the group for discriminating against her unless Annette provides her with Nina’s address. Claire shows up at Nina’s house and meets her husband, Roy. She tells him that she used to live in the house and he gives her a tour, including his son’s room. As she’s leaving, Roy tells her that Annette had given him a heads up and he knows she’s from the support group.

Having run out of medicine, Claire asks Silvana to take her to Tijuana. When they arrive, they visit a pharmacy and purchase painkillers and a religious statue in which to smuggle the pills. When they get to the border checkpoint, the patrolman is suspicious of Claire for lying back in her seat (because of her pain) and they are pulled over to have their car searched. Claire calls her husband, who works for the government, for help.

The next morning, Claire is waiting for Roy at his home. They go to a cemetery where he hangs a wind chime over Nina’s grave. Later they go to a bar and talk about his reaction to Nina’s death. He says in a support group, he had to speak to a partner as if she was Nina and he had told her, ‘thank you for ruining my life and my son’s life’ and that he hates her and hopes she burns in Hell.

Back at her place, Claire asks Roy to sleep with her, not in a sexual way but so neither has to be alone. When she wakes up in the morning he is gone. She takes a cab to Roy’s house and tells him she was worried he was going to kill himself, but he knows she just didn't want to be alone. Claire raids Nina’s medicine cabinet, which still has unused prescriptions in it. The next morning, a doorbell awakens Roy and Claire, he forgot his mother was dropping his son back home. The father and son stop by Nina’s grave and admire the new hanging chimes while Claire waits in the car, taking more of Nina’s medication.

The three of them go to a restaurant and Claire spies Nina in the back. But after confronting her, the vision quickly disappears and frustrated, she walks out of the restaurant. Roy shows up at Claire’s house, returning the purse she left behind. Even though Claire is asleep Silvana invites him in. When Claire wakes up, he shares the suicide note Nina left for him. It simply says “FORGIVE ME.” He tells Claire that Silvana told him about her accident and the death of her little boy. When Claire later talks to Silvana, she learns that Roy and his son have been invited for lunch in a few days.

At her aquatic therapy class, Claire apologizes to Bonnie for coming off as uncooperative and explains that she’s just in a lot of pain. Bonnie encourages her to make an attempt to get better. Claire then goes to the center where the support group is held and apologizes to Annette for blackmailing her, giving her a large bottle of vodka as a goodwill gesture.

Roy and his son come over to Claire’s house for the tamale lunch and the boy wants to go swimming, but hasn't brought his swimsuit. Claire suggests borrowing one of her son’s old bathing suits and goes into his room for the first time since his death. Silvana finds her struggling to open a taped-up box and ushers her out of the room. In the backyard, Roy tells Claire he’s left his support group and is going to go back to work next week.

During lunch, they are interrupted when William H. Macy, the man who caused the car accident that killed her son and caused all her pain, shows up at the front door and refuses to leave. Claire breaks down and tells him to get off her property before she calls the police. He tells her he can’t live with himself but she is unforgiving and attacks him. Roy and Silvana pull Claire off of the man.

Claire takes numerous pills. She starts hallucinating and having flashbacks of her accident. She overdoses, and ends up at the hospital, awakening to Silvana at her bedside, praying with rosary beads. As she goes through withdrawals and experiences hallucinations, Claire sees Nina entering the hospital with a cake. Nina reminds Claire that in the support group, they were asked what their dream would be if they didn't have chronic pain. Nina had replied that she’d want to make a birthday cake for her son from scratch. The dream ends with Nina throwing the cake out the window and then jumping herself. Claire wakes up screaming, pulling out her IV and asking for no more drugs.

After being released from the hospital, Claire asks Silvana to take her to Riverside. While watching a movie at the drive-in Claire is in pain without her drugs and says she needs to get out of the car. She sneaks through a hole in the fence and sees Nina sitting on train tracks. Claire joins her, lying down with her head on a rail. As they both lay down on the tracks, Nina tells Claire that her last thoughts are important and that they're all she gets to take with her. Claire acknowledges that she was a good mother, and Nina disappears.

Silvana finds Claire on the tracks and, after they are back in the parking lot, she rants in Spanish about how frustrated she is with Claire. Silvana is interrupted when Claire points out their car has been stolen. Claire and Silvana take a cab to a motel and spend the night. The next morning a young runaway girl, Becky, tries to break into their rental car but runs into Claire, who was lying back in the passenger seat; they give her a ride. Claire then offers Becky $100 to make her a yellow cake with fudge frosting. When they get back to her place, she sets out to bake. There is a note on the kitchen counter from Claire’s husband that says “He belongs here.” She goes into the living room and sees that the picture she had taken down is hanging again. It is of Claire and her son in a happy moment. She cries but leaves the picture hanging, even calling her husband to thank him for the gift.

Silvana wakes Claire up after she falls asleep, informing her that the runaway girl has stolen her purse. Claire is not angry, saying "She's just a kid." On the counter is the homemade cake. Claire delivers the cake to Roy’s house, along with a shark kite for his son’s birthday. Claire is driven to her son’s gravesite by Silvana. She puts wind chimes over his grave, just like Roy did at Nina’s. Back in the car, Claire has a sudden urge to try to sit upright. She changes her mind at first but as the film concludes, she pulls the lever and the chair returns to sitting position. Claire exhales deeply, content.

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