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Film Date :   July 25, 1997
Genre :   Thriller Action   
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Air Force One

Air Force Oneis a 1997 American action-thriller film written by Andrew W. Marlowe and directed by Wolfgang Petersen . It stars Harrison Ford , Gary Oldman , and Glenn Close , and also features Xander Berkeley , William H. Macy , Dean Stockwell and Paul Guilfoyle . It was rated R by the MPAA for its "intense violence".

A joint special operations mission composed of Russian Spetsnaz and American Delta Force operatives capture General Radek, the dictator of what is deemed to be a "terrorist regime" in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan . Three weeks later, James Marshall, the President of the United States is in Moscow at a state dinner. Afterwards Marshall, First Lady Grace, First Daughter Alice, much of his Cabinet and his advisors board Air Force One to return to the United States . Meanwhile, six Radek loyalists, led by Ivan Korshunov and posing as a Russian news crew, have boarded the plane and shortly after take-off are able to hijack the plane and kill several people with help from Gibbs, a mole in the Secret Service . Agents hustle a reluctant Marshall to the escape pod before Korshunov's men can capture him.

In the cockpit, the pilots declare an emergency and set course for Ramstein Air Base , Germany . A flight of F-15s dispatch from Ramstein and escort Air Force One, while ground forces scramble to prepare for the plane's landing. Realizing that they would be captured if they land, the hijackers shoot the pilots in cold blood and manage to launch the plane back in the air and set course once again to Kazakhstan.

Korshunov gathers the remaining passengers into the conference room and contacts the White House Situation Room , where he speaks to Vice President Kathryn Bennett. He demands that they arrange for Radek's release in exchange for the President's family. Until their demands to release Radek are met, the terrorists threaten to execute hostages every half hour. Denied an opportunity to speak with the vice president, the National Security Advisor Jack Doherty is first to be killed.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Marshall is still on board; he fooled the terrorists into thinking he escaped by deploying the escape pod without him. He kills one of Korshunov's men, inciting his rage, and demands his surrender or a hostage be killed. Due to his indecisiveness, he kills Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell in front of Marshall's family. Hiding from Korshunov in the avionics bay, Marshall kills another hijacker and is able to initiate a dump of Air Force One's fuel reserve. This forces Korshunov to demand a mid-air refueling .

Marshall is able to sneak back into the conference room where the passengers are being held. A plan is devised wherein the refueling tanker will ask the hijackers to drop to an altitude of 15,000 feet, allowing the passengers to escape via parachute . Marshall orders the plan to be carried out via fax . They escort the remaining passengers to the cargo hold to carry out the escape attempt, but are only partially successful in getting some of them to safety before they're discovered by one of Korshunov's men. The resulting chaos caused depressurization and several people tumbling out of the plane, at the same time disrupting the refueling process, unintentionally puncturing the refueling plane's fuel tank and causing it to explode in midair, narrowly missing Air Force One.

Korshunov takes President Marshall, as well as Major Caldwell, Gibbs and Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd hostage and threatens to kill Alice unless he agrees to call Russian President Petrov and demand Radek's release. As Radek prepares to leave prison, Marshall breaks free and kills the last two of Korshunov's men, but Shepherd is wounded in the process. During the struggle, Korshunov drags Marshall's wife down to the cargo bay, where he throws the remaining parachutes overboard. Grace manages to distract him, allowing Marshall to kill Korshunov, telling him to "Get off my plane". Back in control, Marshall halts the release of Radek, who is fatally shot while attempting to escape.

Marshall, a former pilot, takes over the plane (with Caldwell as co-pilot), hoping to fly to the closest safe airbase, but he learns that six Kazakh MiG-29s piloted by Radek loyalists are in pursuit. Saved in time by the returning F-15s, a hostile missile narrowly missed the jet, however, as an F-15 pilot sacrificed himself to save the President. After the sudden attack, Air Force One is badly damaged, leaking fuel and is now slowly flying above the Caspian Sea .

An Air Force Pararescue MC-130 Hercules plane is hastily tasked to zip-line Marshall and the remaining passengers from the plane before it hits the water. Marshall insists on first rescuing everyone else: they manage to rescue Alice, Grace and a wounded Shepherd, but with the final rescuer saying he could only bring one more, Gibbs kills both him and Caldwell, revealing his true identity. Marshall is able to subdue Gibbs before the rope detaches from the plane with the President secured, as Air Force One finally crashes head-on in the water with Gibbs still on board. Meanwhile, the world celebrates as the President is winched to safety and the Hercules assumes new call sign "Air Force One", with the F-15s back in escort formation for the journey home.

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