Hotelier (Korea Drama :Bae Yong Jun) Hotelier (Korea Drama) Episode 07
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Film Date :   April 4 - June 7, 20
Genre :   Romance Melodrama Work   
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Hotelier (Korea Drama :Bae Yong Jun)

(호텔리어)is a April 4 - June 7, 2001 TV series directed by Yong-woo Chung(MBC Episodes 20) South Korea.


Episode 1 "Behind the Scenes"

For 30 years, the Seoul Hotel has enjoyed its reputation as a first-class hotel, thanks to the integrity and “happy service” mentality of its owner, CEO Choi. The changing times, however, call for expansion and adjustment in order for the hotel to survive. Before he can fully accomplish this, Choi dies of a heart attack.

The hotel shareholders and creditors begin to fall down hard on Choi’s wife, Yoon Dongsook, who vows to protect the hotel her husband spent his life building. Meanwhile, the employees begin to leave the hotel, and the number of guests declines under poor management. Meanwhile, Kim Bokman, who has been continuously attempting to gain control of the hotel, bribes the general manager of the hotel. In order to implement his schemes, he hires a Korean-American by the name of Shin Donghyeok. However, things aren’t as easy as he would hope. Yoon Dongsook decides to call upon Han Taejoon for help, who left the hotel after a scandal three years ago to study hotel management in Las Vegas. Jinyoung leaves for the States to bring him back under Yoon’s request. The minute and level-headed M&A expert, Shin Donghyeok, succeeds in implementing the most lucrative hotel business of 2001, despite attacks from the most prestigious American law firms. He even visits a local prison in order to strike a successful bargain. After managing to finalize a 5 million-dollar transaction, he heads for Las Vegas for a short vacation. Hotelier2.jpg

Episode 2 "Good bye, Las Vegas"

Jinyoung searches all over Las Vegas for Taejoon, but with little success. Meanwhile, Donghyeok receives Kim Bokman’s solicitation in Las Vegas. He struggles in his decision to return to the country of his birth, especially given his past wounds of having been adopted. After many complications, Jinyoung runs into Taejoon on the streets of Las Vegas. After a brief moment of joy at being reunited, Taejoon abruptly runs off, claiming that he is the assistant general-manager of a famous hotel, and has to go to work. Jinyoung follows him, only to discover that he is only a cleaner in a restaurant. The next day, Jinyoung goes to Taejoon’s house, and is further angered when she meets his roommate, Jenny. Jinyoung informs Taejoon that his return to Korea was CEO Choi’s dying wish, and attempts to convince him to return to Seoul with her. Taejoon is deeply saddened by the news that Choi is dead, but he is still unable to overcome his hurt from the scandal and the events that followed. Jenny, who was placed under Taejoon’s protection at the request of his old friend, a pastor, constantly struggles with drug addiction and debt. One day, the dealers attack Jenny and Taejoon in their home, and threaten to kill them if they don’t pay up. Taejoon goes to Jinyoung’s hotel and asks her for help. She agrees, on the condition that he return with her to Seoul.

Episode 3 "Hey! What about my bags?"

The next day, Jenny, Taejoon, and Jinyoung leave Las Vegas for L.A. As they drive through the desert, Taejoon and JInyoung argue to the point that Jinyoung furiously gets out of the car, and Taejoon drives off. At that point, a limousine passes by and picks her up. The man inside the limousine ignores Jinyoung’s questions, and does not reveal his identity. This is how Jinyoung and Donghyeok first meet. When they get to L.A., Donghyeok invites Jinyoung to have dinner with him. His interest grows when he learns that she works at the Seoul Hotel. Back in Seoul, Taejoon and Jinyoung take a taxi to the Seoul Hotel. Taejoon looks excited as they approach the hotel. Meanwhile, Manager Oh, who hears of his return through his underling, Yoo, is furious at the news.. Jinyoung and Taejoon head for the executive office, where they are joyfully reunited with Dongsook, who holds his hand and thanks him for returning. Dongsook calls a meeting of all the managers and team leaders, and names him the new general-manager of the hotel. Their reactions, however, are varied, and even hurtful to Taejoon.

Episode 4 "Is the room to your liking?"

While Jinyoung attempts to console Taejoon, an emergency occurs, and they quickly rush off to deal with it. Taejoon gives CPR to the victim of a heart attack, and succeeds in reviving him. Only then do the employees begin to acknowledge him as the general-manager. With the help of Manager Oh, Youngjae and his friends throw Yoonhee a birthday party. One of his friends, however, slips sleeping pills into Yoonhee’s drink. Yoonhee tries to leave the room, but Youngjae’s friends attempt to rape her while Youngjae is in the shower. Taejoon, who rushes over after receiving a noise complaint from the next room, opens the door with his master-key and saves Yoonhee. Meanwhile, Donghyeok, who is staying at the Seoul Hotel, returns to his room after being stood up by Jinyoung. Jinyoung, who only then receives his memo, rushes over to his room. Youngjae finds Taejoon to explain what happened. Taejoon worries that Youngjae is going down the wrong path, but Youngjae expresses his anger at always having been compared to Taejoon. The next day, Jinyoung takes a packed lunch, prepared by Jenny, to Taejoon’s room. Thinking that it is Taejoon, she tries to wake up the person lying in his bed, only to discover Yoonhee. Angry at his evasion of her questions, she misunderstands the relationship between Taejoon and Yoonhee.

Episode 5 "That is what Han Taejoon is really about."

Bokman takes Yoonhee to have dinner with Donghyeok, where they both recognize each other. Manager Oh Hyungman, who secured a video which would destroy Taejoon’s chances of becoming general-manager, is upset to find the tape missing. Taejoon shows up with the tape, and then discloses yet another tape. Hyungman’s face turns pale as soon as he sees it…

Later, it is revealed that the man whose life Taejoon saved was the editor of an important newspaper, and to show his gratitude, he prints an article on Taejoon’s dedication. The next day, Dongsook and the other employees are excited to read it. During the shareholders’ meeting, Dongsook submits the final vote for general-manager. Despite a few opposing votes, Taejoon is designated the new general-manager.

Episode 6 "Caught in the Rain"

Jinyoung is charged with the care of Sujin, the daughter of a guest. On their way to Sujin’s room, they meet Donghyeok, who asks her to be his guide during the city tour. Bokman, who grow suspicious of his daughter’s whereabouts, orders a private bodyguard to keep a close watch on Yoonhee. This bodyguard observes Yoonhee’s encounter with Youngjae. The hotel employees throw a welcome party for Taejoon, for which he feels very grateful. Jinyoung and Donghyeok are stuck in traffic on their way back from the city tour, and she is unable to attend the party. Taejoon looks disappointed to see that she is not there.

After taking Jenny home, Taejoon sees Jinyoung getting out of Donghyeok’s car. She feels terrible, and as Taejoon returns to the hotel he discovers Yoonhee walking alone in the rain.

At the news that Sujin is missing, Taejoon and the other employees begin to search for her. Jinyoung, who feels responsible, also begins to search the hotel. Taejoon and Jinyoung discover Sujin on the construction site, but then an accident occurs. The steel pillars fall, and Taejoon is hurt in his attempt to protect Sujin. When Yoonhee comes to again, she remembers that she ran away from home. She tears up at the room-service breakfast and note sent by Taejoon. She is greatly moved by his kindness…

Episode 7 "The Things that Break My Heart"

Jinyoung returns the flowers she receives from Donghyeok and tells him that he is making her uncomfortable, but he confesses his love for her. Jinyoung runs out and tries to calm herself.

Jenny works hard at her new job in the hotel kitchen. Chef No approves of her efforts. Youngjae asks his mother, Dongsook, to give Yoonhee a job at the hotel. Dongsook leaves the choice to Han Taejoon, and Youngjae brings Yoonhee to his office. Yoonhee receives training from team leader Yoo, but things are not as easy as she thought. She worries that her poor performance will put Taejoon in a compromising position. Youngjae realizes that she is interested in Taejoon, and tries to inform her that he is in love with another woman. Yoonhee, however, remains unaffected by his words.

Taejoon accidentally overhears an elevator conversation where he finds out that Han River Distribution has hired an M&A expert to take over the Seoul Hotel. He calls his friend and asks him to find out more about this expert, and is greatly worried by the whole matter. Donghyeok learns that his father has been found, and cancelling all his appointments, rushes off to see him. Shocked at how poor his father is, he is later furious when he finds that his two-year old sister had also been sent off to the States for adoption.

Donghyeok storms out, leaving his father a $1,000 check. His father, who only then realizes that Donghyeok is his son, rushes out after him but it is too late.

Episode 8 "You do as your guests tell you! You’re a bell boy! How dare you!"

Youngjae gets into a fight with a drunken guest. Jinyoung, who rushes over, gets angry and slaps the guest. He threatens to call the police and Dongsook kneels, begging his forgiveness. The guest is taken aback, and Jinyoung’s eyes fill with tears as she observes the scene. Jinyoung encounters Donghyeok, who has been drinking, at the cocktail bar. He asks her to join him for a drink. She tries to leave and he grabs her hand and takes her outside. Taejoon parts from Yoonhee, and then discovers Donghyeok and Jinyoung together. Donghyeok releases her hand, and the three stand in awkward silence.

Jinyoung rushes after Taejoon, who realizes what kind of relationship she and Donghyeok share. She tells Taejoon that she likes Donghyeok, but her heart is actually confused and torn.

Hyungman looks around the restaurant and Team Leader Yoo informs him that Yoonhee was given a job by Taejoon. Hyungman, thinking her face is familiar, later confirms that she is the girl caught on the video tape leaving Taejoon’s room. Assuming they have a questionable relationship, he devises a scheme to trap them. Bokman learns from his hired bodyguard that his daughter, Yoonhee, is working at the Seoul Hotel. When he hears that she is working at the hotel restaurant, he rushes over.

Bokman sees his daughter from afar, talking with the guests. Yoonhee sees her father, and drops her tray, causing a great commotion. Bokman continues to stare at her with cold eyes.

Episode 9 "There’s No Me Without You"

Bokman learns from his hired bodyguard that his daughter, Yoonhee, is working at the Seoul Hotel. When he hears that she is working at the hotel restaurant, he rushes over. Bokman sees his daughter from afar, talking with the guests. Yoonhee sees her father, and drops her tray, causing a great commotion. Bokman continues to stare at her with cold eyes. Jinyoung’s day off at home is interrupted by a bundle of birthday gifts from Donghyeok, who awaits her just outside. She brings all the gifts outside and returns them to him. Over dinner, he presents her with a necklace and tells her he loves her.

Taejoon and the other employees await Jinyoung with a surprise party at her home. After a long good night kiss, she realizes their presence and there is an awkward silence. Taejoon hides his awkwardness and puts his gift on her dressing table, passing them as he leaves. Taejoon is angry at Jinyoung for being out so late with Donghyeok, which she tries to explain, but to no avail. Jinyoung returns home unsuccessful, and Taejoon watches wistfully as she leaves.

Episode 10 " I’m sorry."

Donghyeok tells Eom to meet with CEO Kim in his place, and Eom tells Kim that Donghyeok has found a woman who is more important to him than his work.

After receiving an order to bring Yoonhee back, no matter what, Ahn Gookjung goes to the Seoul Hotel to get her. She refuses, at which point he begins to complain about the food. Every time a new plate is brought to him, he keeps finding something wrong with it. In the end, Lee Juim and Youngjae start fighting with Ahn and his men.

Taejoon tries to negotiate, but Ahn refuses to cooperate. Yoonhee realizes that only she can resolve this situation. Taejoon offers money, at which point Ahn reveals that Yoonhee is the daughter of CEO Kim Bokman. Yoonhee says she will go home, and Ahn finally negotiates with the Seoul Hotel people. Yoonhee, when asked by Taejoon why she did not reveal her identity, simply smiles sadly. Believing this to be their last encounter, Yoonhee hugs Taejoon and tells him that she loves him. Taejoon learns from his friend, Jung, that a man by the name of Shin Donghyeok is attempting to take over the hotel, but he doesn’t realize who he is. Once he hears that Shin is staying at his hotel, he is shocked…

Episode 11 "Between Truth and Misunderstanding"

Kim Bokman forbids Yoonhee from leaving the house. She asks him to let her work at the Seoul Hotel, promising to help his business. He says he’ll send her to study abroad, instead.

Leo is shocked to learn that Donghyeok is considering marriage with Jinyoung, and asks if he told her about the hotel takeover. Taejoon discovers Donghyeok’s identity and is shocked. Dongsook suggests kicking him out, but Taejoon thinks it will be better to observe him from a close distance. Jinyoung overhears their conversation, proclaims that he would never do something like that, and then goes to pay him a visit.

Episode 12 "What It Takes to Trust Him: Part I"

As soon as Donghyeok’s identity is revealed, he and Leo are in danger of being kicked out of the hotel. Han Taejoon goes to see Oh Hyungjoon, who has, without Han’s permission, ordered that they be kicked out.

Kim Bokman allows Yoonhee to work at the Seoul Hotel temporarily while she prepares to go study abroad. Overjoyed, she immediately goes to visit Han Taejoon. Youngjae feels sorry for Yoonhee, who takes a short nap after working hard. Then Yoonhee takes the dinner order of a kidnapper…

Episode 13 "Excuse me! Oh!"

The kidnapper grabs Yoonhee and drags her to the roof, saying that he’ll die with her. The security guard calls Taejoon, the general manager, who leaves Jinyoung at the desk and rushes to the roof. The kidnapper vows that he will not let Yoonhee go until they bring his ex-girlfriend, Jeong Yoonhee, and Taejoon promises that he will acquiesce if he promises not to hurt Yoonhee. When Youngjae doesn’t hear from Yoonhee, he senses that something is wrong. As soon as he learns that she is in danger, he runs to the roof. Seeing her, despite Taejoon’s warnings, he rushes towards the kidnapper.

As midnight approaches, Jinyoung calls Donghyeok to tell him she’s running late, but he doesn’t answer his phone. When she still doesn’t appear after midnight, his heart sinks…

Episode 14 "I brought your stockings and underwear."

Jinyoung’s heart breaks when she sees Donghyeok in Ms. Song’s room, who sarcastically applauds Taejoon on having a well-trained employee. Donghyeok asks if Taejoon would give him Seo Jinyoung in return for the hotel. After 3 years, Ms. Song apologizes to Taejoon for the past and promises to hand over her 3% to him.

Episode 15 "Casablanca"

When Taejoon fails to make a list of employees to fire, Donghyeok gives the task to Oh Hyungman. Seeing the list, Han Taejoon rips it up and goes straight to confront Donghyeok.

Taejoon honestly confesses to Donghyeok that while working at this hotel, he’s fallen in love for the first time, and found a reason for living. He sincerely explains the important significance of the hotel in his personal life. He asks Donghyeok to promise, man to man, that if he resigns, he will not lay a hand on the other employees. After handing over his resignation to Donghyeok, Taejoon turns around to see…

Episode 16 "A Hero of Their Own"

While working at the Seoul Hotel, Donghyeok learns that Jenny is his little sister, who was adopted and sent to the U.S. at a very young age.

Taejoon gets beaten up by Kim Bokman’s men for attempting to print an article about Han River Distributions’s dubious M&A tactics. Yoonhee discovers Taejoon, collapsed on the ground, and takes him to the hospital. Jinyoung, exhausted from worrying about Taejoon and the hotel, runs into Donghyeok at the hospital…

Episode 17 "The Truth about Happiness and Misery"=

CEO Kim decides to sell his shares of the Seoul Hotel to a foreign chain hotel business, much to Donghyeok’s dismay. Dongsook calls Yoonhee to her office and tells her to leave the hotel. Yoonhee resigns, and when Youngjae hears of this he yells at his mother, who collapses while trying to run after him. Taejoon goes to the hospital and learns that she is dying of lung cancer. Donghyeok tells Leo that he plans to buy the Seoul Hotel shares himself, and Leo feels betrayed.

CEO Kim calls Leo and tries to strike up a secret deal with him. Donghyeok finally buys all the Seoul Hotel shares, and CEO Kim feels betrayed and furious when he finds out.

Episode 18 "My Unattainable You"

Donghyeok proposes to Jinyoung, and she accepts. Taejoon hears the news of their engagement on his way to find her, and feels upset. Taejoon can’t focus on his work after hearing the news. Their wedding finally begins, when undercover policemen arrest Donghyeok for illegal and coercive tactics. CEO Kim changes his mind and pursues the hotel again, causing the Seoul Hotel to fall into first stage bankruptcy. Donghyeok, with Yoonhee’s help, is released on grounds of insufficient evidence, and tries to trap CEO Kim with the help of the prosecutor’s office.

Episode 19 "Speaking of Farewell"

Taejoon is angered by Donghyeok’s chaotic wedding, and he tells Jinyoung how much he loves her. However, Jinyoung’s response is dazed and confused.

Donghyeok goes to see Kim with the public prosecutor’s aid to repay him, and Kim begins to beat him up. He finds the microphone, and the undercover operation is revealed. Donghyeok is forced to leave the country, and asks Jinyoung to go with him. Jinyoung is at a loss to decide. Yoonhee sets up a date with Taejoon the night before she has to leave for the States, and Youngjae becomes angry, gets drunk, and starts a commotion at the hotel.

On her way over to deal with Youngjae, Dongsook collapses from chest pain, and Youngjae learns the truth about her health. Dongsook asks Jinyoung to look after the hotel with Taejoon, and Jinyoung goes to tell Donghyeok that she cannot go with him to the States.

Episode 20 "The Day You Come to Me"

Donghyeok’s heart breaks when Jinyoung returns her ring and tells him she cannot go with him to the States. Taejoon feels terrible and sad for Jinyoung. When Taejoon does not appear, Yoonhee cries. In the end, she still tries to be brave, but ends up bursting into tears.

What actually happens!!! (Jinyoung dosn't return his ring and Donghyeok shows up about a week later, after he leaves for the US, back in the hotel lobby, as a VIP guest saying that he wants to spend "forever" with her, they embrace)- I mean at this point he is a major stock holder in the hotel. (Yoonhee goes off to study hotel management at UNLV and though its never really definte you get the feeling that Taejoon does some to Las Vegas to see her)

The next day, Youngjae takes Taejoon to the airport to see Yoonhee off. She sees him, and runs to embrace him. CEO Kim sends Chung when he hears that an appraisal team is going to visit the Seoul Hotel. (I have no clue where the below stuff came from but it wasn't in the version I saw)! Chung arrives at the Seoul Hotel in time and starts to cut the wires. All electricity is cut off, and the employees go frantic trying to take care of it. Moving quickly, they get everything working again. Chung tries to escape after failing, but Youngjae recognizes him and the two get into a fight. Chung accidentally causes a carbon dioxide leak, poisoning the people nearby. 2 months later, Taejoon has become the CEO of the Seoul Hotel, and Kim goes to be reconciled with Dongsook.

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